Cooking is essential to living a healthy life.  Expanding your cooking skills and sharing

your knowledge benefits you, your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and community. 


Come enjoy a few hours learning techniques, sharing stories, and perhaps making new friends. 

Adult beverages can be consumed at this event, BYOB.

Spices and Herbs 101

January 29th, Wednesday 6:00pm 

Looking for a way to spice up 2020?  Yearning for a little more flavor in your life?  In this class you’ll learn how to select, store, and use spices and herbs.  We've got some ideas to help you more enjoy these great flavor enhancers.  Find out why they are keys to good cooking!  Let’s celebrate Kansas Day in beautiful downtown Topeka!

Cost of Class:  $20 


Bone Broth

February 8th, Saturday 3:00pm

Bone Broth has been being made for thousands of years but just recently is being recognized for its incredible health benefits. It’s a staple in many popular diets and a great addition to any healthy diet.  Come and learn how to make basic bone broth. Caitlin McPhail will demonstrate how to roast and flavor bones with different vegetables, herbs and spices and teach us how to incorporatee into recipes so that the whole family can enjoy!

Cost of Class:  $30


Artisan Bread and Chicago Style Pizza 

February 12th, Wednesday, 6:00pm

Would you like to churn out amazing artisan bread or impress your friends with Chicago-style pizza, but you don’t know where to start?  It’s easier than you think (take it from a chemist, it’s not rocket science)!  In this class Holly O’Neill will cover some simple recipes and techniques to make artisan bread and classic Chicago-style pizza crust with not much fuss (gluten free recipe also included)!  You don’t even need an industrial mixer for any of these recipes. 

Cost of Class:  $30



February 19th, Wednesday, 6:00pm

Let's do soups!  From comfort, to healthy, to low carb, come join Lisa and we'll try them all. We'll do a twice baked potato soup, a fast and easy creamy tomato basil soup, a cheesy cauliflower soup, and Free State's cheddar ale soup to finish off. Come enjoy a fun and cozy evening!

Cost of Class:  $30 


Corn Beef

March 7th, Saturday 3:00pm

Interested in learning how to make authentic corned beef?  How about pastrami?  Yes?  Then this class is for you.  We will cover everything you need to know to make this year's St. Patrick's Day one to remember.  We'll enjoy some traditional fare along with some new ideas to enjoy brisket.

Cost of Class:  $35


Intro to the Instant Pot 

March 13th, Friday 6:00pm

It is the biggest craze of the kitchen.  Whether you need a starting point, new ideas, or just want to come join the fun and fellowship, in this class we will share some of our favorite tips and recipes.  We’ll enjoy some great food and demo a great quick recipe that will sure to please you and your family. 

Cost of Class:  $30


Olive Oil & Vinegar 101

March 25th, Wednesday 6:00pm

Curious about olive oil and vinegar?  Wonder how to use it in your kitchen?  We'll discuss all about olive oil and vinegars - how they look, smell, and taste. You’ll learn where they’re grown and how they are produced, graded, and evaluated.  You'll learn how to buy, store, and use these delightful liquids in your healthy and delicious diet.  We've got some tasty ideas on how to use them every day. 

Cost of Class:  $20

Classes held at shop - 820 S Kansas  Space is limited and registration is required.