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Who is Moburts?

Flavor is name of the game and we love them as much as you do. From our homemade, handmade blends, to our bright spices, robust herbs, and wonderful array of salts and sugars, to our California olive oils and California wine vinegars to our aged Italian Balsamic vinegars, we’ve got what you want. You can cook with great ingredients just like your favorite celebrity chef! We know because you appreciate terrific flavors and new adventures, you will love what Moburts can add to your creations.  

At Moburts, we offer a wide array of flavorings with an emphasis on superior quality, exceptional value, and outstanding customer service.



Moburts - Spices & More! * 820 S Kansas* Topeka, KS * 66612


Call us: (785)806-3025
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