Yellow Mustard Seed

Mustard use can be documented 500 years before Christ. Yellow mustard seeds are commonly used in European and American cooking. Mustard seeds are popular in most pickling and canning recipes, or in making corned beef or boiled vegetables. You can also grind it fresh for use in making your own mustard and salad dressings but mustard is so versatile and adds a wonderful flavor to many types of dishes. 

Mustard flavor is sharp, pungent, and fiery.

Try whole mustard seeds in barbecue sauce and rub, marinades for grilling beef, pork, or chicken, cabbage, robust cheeses, fish, seafood and sausages. Try using brown mustard seeds in place of yellow in your next pickle brine. Cracked or ground it can be whipped into salad dressings, dips, spreads, gives a dry fleeting heat to soups and stews and can be rubbed on meat or poultry.